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Meeting Resistance

We hear a lot about the "Iraqi insurgents" on the news, but rarely do we ever hear or see them. This provocative documentary explores the other side of the Iraqi occupation and gives voice to those who fight. Speaking with a candor previously unheard by American audiences, these resistance fighters explain their motivations in keeping up the struggle.
Meeting Resistance

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Starting Out in the Evening

Leonard Schiller (Frank Langella) is a reclusive writer who was once the shining star of NYC but has since faded into obscurity. However, when a cute young grad student (Lauren Ambrose) enters his life, she holds the promise of making him famous once again.
Romance & Cigarettes

Nick (James Gandolfini), an ironworker, is married to Kitty (Susan Sarandon), a dressmaker, and together they have three daughters. But Nick is having an affair with a hot redhead named Tula (Kate Winslet), and before long he finds that he must choose between them or lose everything.
The Heartbreak Kid

Eddie Cantrow (Ben Stiller) is the last single man he knows. But he finally meets a beautiful woman, Lila (Malin Akerman), who seems like she's his perfect match. But after taking the plunge into marriage, Lila immediately starts acting like the wife from Hell on the honeymoon, where a disillusioned Eddie meets another gal, Miranda (Michelle Monaghan) who might actually be his true soulmate.