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We Own the Night

Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) is just a mild-mannered manager of a Russian nightclub in NYC circa 1988. However, that club happens to be owned by a ruthless crime lord (Alex Veadov) who holds a personal vendetta against Bobby's father, Deputy Police Chief Burt Grusinsky (Robert Duvall). Bobby must do what it takes to save his father without exposing the secret that they're actually related.
We Own the Night

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An ancient evil is unleashed on an isolated New Mexican town in the desert. When a vicious monster starts killing the townsfolk, it's up to the local sheriff (Emmanuelle Vaugier) to destroy it.
The Rocket

In 1950s-era Quebec, Maurice Richard (Roy Dupuis), nicknamed "The Rocket," overcame his troubled homelife to become one of the first major stars in professional hockey. Growing up in a working class environment, Richard dreamed about playing in the National Hockey League even while toiling away as a factory worker. Eventually getting his big break, he became "The Rocket" in the earlier, more violent — players didn't even wear helmets then — days of the sport.
Resident Evil: Extinction

In this third and final entry of the horror franchise, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still on the run from the diabolical Umbrella Corporation, which has turned her into a superhuman fighting machine. Hiding in the Nevada desert, Alice teams up with a bunch of outcasts to once and for all get rid of the nasty virus that's turning the entire population into zombies.