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The Willow Tree

Yusef (Parviz Parastui) is a blind man lives a completely fulfilling life and is completely unhindered by his lack of vision. But when he undergoes a risky surgical procedure and is able to see again, he realizes that the perfect world he saw in his mind's eye is not the same as what he sees with his real eyes.
The Willow Tree

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The Ten

This collection of humorous sketches are all based on the Ten Commandments. These include a skydiver (Adam Brody) whose chute doesn't open and he gets "planted" in the ground, his fiancée (Winona Ryder) who goes on to find true love with a real dummy, a stuffy librarian (Gretchen Mol) who has an erotic vacation in Mexico, a white mom (Kerri Kenney-Silver) who refuses to tell her biracial kids who their father is and a pompous surgeon (Ken Marino) whose prank on a patient goes horribly wrong.
The Rocket

In 1950s-era Quebec, Maurice Richard (Roy Dupuis), nicknamed "The Rocket," overcame his troubled homelife to become one of the first major stars in professional hockey. Growing up in a working class environment, Richard dreamed about playing in the National Hockey League even while toiling away as a factory worker. Eventually getting his big break, he became "The Rocket" in the earlier, more violent — players didn't even wear helmets then — days of the sport.
The Mist

In this adaptation of the Stephen King novella, shoppers are trapped in a supermarket after it is enveloped in a strange mist filled with monstrous creatures. David Drayton (Thomas Jane) is just an unassuming artist, but when the terror hits, he rallies the other customers to defend themselves against the horrible beasts. Will these small-town folks be able to survive the assault and find out where that creepy mist came from anyway? Is it from the nearby military base?